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Different industry or field shows the unique characteristics, and to provide the high quality translation service for a specific industry or field, the translator/interpreter must have the in-depth understanding on the industry or field, including its development background, terms and glossaries, so as to provide the translated version satisfactory to clients, and achieve the long term cooperation with clients.

With our professional translations for different industries or fields, we can correctly and fully communicate the information to different countries and the targeted people according to the actual requirements of clients, to allow more people to know your products and services, lay a more solid foundation for entering the international market and help you obtain stronger competitive strength.

We will assign different translators for clients of different industries or fields. We only employ professional translators with rich experience in the relevant industries or fields, to ensure the professional translation services for the specific industries or fields. Only the translators with higher professional level can ensure uniform language style and glossaries, and achieve faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance of the translated versions.

We can provide the translation services in English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, etc. (totally more than 30 languages).






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